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Hi guys, from now on I'm going to post my graphics at derultegbol. I had several reasons for moving, one of them being that I wanted a new name but didn't want to pay for it.

I'd like to thank you all for watching and commenting, and I hope to see you at the new community as well! :)

First post is up:

House M.D.  (23)
Downton Abbey (5)
The Good Wife (4)
Misfits (9)


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I have started posting graphics at Tumblr. This doesn't mean I won't post here anymore, but updates will be more regular there than here. This picture takes you to my graphics tag, feel free to follow.
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small cleanout

Some of these icons are really old. I've given up on adding some new ones to each batch, so I'm just posting them now. They're kind of simple but I hope you like them anyway.

[01-09] Doctor Who
[10-20] House
[21-24] Pride and Prejudice (1995)
[25-35] The Good Wife


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house md - 6x22 Help Me

This post was so much fun, despite the initial swearing about the badly coloured scenes. (Thank god the black and white style never gets old.) I'm sorry about all the variations of one cap, but I couldn't help myself. :) I'm pretty proud of this batch, I hope you'll like it, too. Enjoy.

[50] Help Me (7 anicons)
+ 3 headers
+ 1 wallpaper

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Stuff I made long ago but never posted

A couple of days ago I had a Photoshop error and all the actions that I'd used disappeared. Since I am a very stupid human being, I don't have them saved anywhere and I also don't have any .psd-s from which I could recover my favourite colourings.Fail. Here are the icons that I had saved on my computer. Some of them are very old, for exapmle, I made the Tyrant ones right after the episode aired. I thought I would add a couple of more, but obviously that's not gonna happen now.

[04] Grey's Anatomy
[24] House, various seasons
[09] House Cast

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House 5x06 - Joy

Because this is something that needs to be celebrated every year. :) I haven't had a proper Joy icon post yet, and I doubt this can be considered as one, seeing as at least 80% of these is Cuddy-centered. I just couldn't help it. And I fail for being one day late.

[54] Joy icons
+ 3 banners

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